Scalp Micropigmentation Treatments

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment in Seattle Changes Lives

MM Seattle SMP offers comprehensive solutions for hair loss and thinning hair. That includes scalp micropigmentation treatment, right here in Seattle. Both men and women experiencing hair loss may wish to turn to our team to learn more about treatment options that work to create a fuller, more natural look to your hair.

Scalp Micropigmentation Treatment

SMP for women and men can help with various conditions. That includes receding hairlines, male pattern baldness, and hair loss in women. If you have alopecia, thinning hair that is not understood, or transplant scars, our services can help you improve the way you look.

Thinning Hair Treatment

Our thinning hair treatment is a safe process that is used to fill in areas where there is no hair growing. This type of hair restoration treatment does not cause pain and is proven to be very effective at creating a restored look. It may be able to help those who have lost their hair as a result of genetics, disease, or hormonal imbalances. Our hair loss treatment is customized to create the results you desire.

The procedure is a semi-permanent cosmetic treatment that may last for four to six years. It helps give you the appearance of hair follicles even when they are missing.

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If you have hair loss for any reason or even if you do not know what is causing that loss, reach out to MM Seattle SMP to learn more about scalp micropigmentation treatment. This highly effective hair restoration solution is available to you in our Settle office.

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No more hair products, no more surgeries, and no more hassle. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a lasting hair loss solution with immediate results. You’ll see a dramatic difference in your appearance after your very first session.