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Scalp Micropigmentation, also know as SMP or hair tattoo is a modern non- invasive hair loss solution done by depositing specialized pigment using a micro needle to replicate the appearance of natural follicle, an illusion of a closely shaven scalp or the appearance of a fuller thicker hair. It is suitable for most men and women suffering from any form of hair loss.
The price will depend on the level of hair loss. Typically, it ranges from $1800-$4000. It is best to contact our office and schedule a free consultation. We offer in person consultations at our Seattle office, FaceTime/Phone or you can simply text pictures to 206-305-1895 for an accurate pricing.
It may sometimes be referred to as a hair tattoo or hairline tattoo, it is actually a form of a cosmetic tattoo. SMP is done by using specialized pigment, needles and tools created specifically for this application. It is important to know that we are not implanting pigment as deep as it’s done when performing a regular body tattoo, hence why SMP will start fading overtime requiring a one session touch up every few years.
Highly unlikely! It’s imperativethat the treatment is done by trained and licensed specialist. SMP treatment might turn blue or green if it’s applied incorrectly by a technician, wrong pigment selection for clients skin tone has been used or incorrect after care by a client. Luckily, we have had an extensive training in color theory and have corrected many blue or green hues with a simple pigment modification.
Hair is only gray when it gets longer, buzzing to the appropriate length gray hair does not appear as gray. SMP will also become lighter over time, so gray-scale pigment can be adjusted in shades when you come in for a touch up should your hair turn gray in the future. Adding density to gray hair is also very common, it actually gives a nice illusion of that salt and pepper look.
Treatment will never completely disappear, however a client will experience some fading over the years in which case they will require a quick one session touch up to bring the treatment to its original standard. Most people will come in for a touch up every 4-5 years. Over exposure to the sun will result in fading sooner, applying sunscreen to protect and prolong the life of the treatment is very important.
On average a client will need 2-3 sessions, 10-14 days apart to complete the treatment depending on the level of the hair loss. However, some clients might need an extra session depending on the condition of their skin and other factors. Someone with oily scalp might need an additional session, but don’t worry we charge for the entire job not by the session. Natural looking SMP is done by slowly building density over multiple session in order to create an illusion of 3D follicle, SMP is never a one session treatment.
Every client is different and requires different approach to get the natural look that blends well with their existing hair. We always use 3RL needles ranging from .17mm-.30mm. We often use different needle size at each session.
It depends on the individual. In most cases clients do notexperience any pain and another will experience some discomfort on some areas of the scalp. It is a lot less painful than a traditional tattoo. Numbing the scalp is not necessary and you are allowed as many breaks as you need. You are welcome to immerse yourself into your favorite Netflix show while you are getting a treatment to distract from any discomfort.
SMP is a non-invasive procedure that takes a lot less time to heal than a hair transplant surgery. Healing process in very similar to that of getting a tattoo. You will most likely experience some level of redness that looks like a mild sunburn after each session. Most people will go back to work the same day, it is ok to wear the cap/hat immediately after the session. It is important to properly follow after care instruction received after the treatment to ensure proper healing.
Yes! We understand that some might be nervous or even skeptical of how natural SMP really looks, in which case we can arrange for you to see SMP on one of our clients, or we can have you stop by and see the session in process. Seeing it on someone else can be very helpful, so we will have one of our amazing clients with a similar skin tone and pattern baldness stop by for you to take a look at the treatment in person.
Yes! We can match pigment shade to any skin tone! Whether you are blond with light skin tone, ginger with freckles, African-American, Hispanic or Asian, SMP will most definitely work and look undetectable.
About 80% of women will experience some hair loss by the time they reach 50 years of age. There are many reasons women experience hair loss, some of the most common are hormonal changes due to pregnancy or childbirth, menopause, stress, side effects from medications and diet. SMP is a very effective way to disguise thinning in women by reducing the contracts between hair and scalp using a pigment that matches individual’s hair color.
No, SMP does not damage your hair follicle, in fact it might stimulate hair growth. Hair follicle has a deep root, procedure requires implanting pigment into a superficial layer of the scalp, so it’s impossible to do any damage to your existing hair.
Yes, you can! A lot of people will do a combination of both, hair transplant and SMP, you can get hair transplant 3 months after your last session of SMP, however you haveto wait a year to get the SMP if you undergo a hair transplant first.
Clients can continue using laser cap and Propecia during and after the SMP. You should stop using Rogaine 2 week prior to starting the treatment and 30 days past your final session. This will ensure that pigment is properly settled as chemicals found in Rogaine can interfere with healing.
SMP is very effective at camouflaging most scars. If a scar is raised or pink in color, we do recommend a series of microneedling sessions or fraxel laser to break down the scar tissue which will make better canvas for optimal results. Camouflaging scar might take more than a usual 2-3 sessions as pigment takes differently to the skin with trauma.
This is very rare! In the worst case scenario, you regret your SMP you are able to easily remove it by undergoing a laser removal treatment. Because of how shallow we implant the pigment inside the skin the treatment can usually be removed with one laser session.
SMP is a challenging procedure that requires precision. Chances are you have already done some research on SMP, you have seen some good and unfortunately bad pictures online. Understandably, you want to make sure your treatment is flawless and natural. Here are some of the things you should look for when choosing a credible SMP provider:

1. Certification of SMP training by a reputable training company

2. Licensing required by the state

3. Portfolio containing work on different clients

4. Clients testimonials

5. Safe and clean environment

6. A clinic’s reputation

The cost should never be the only factor when making a life changing decision.
MM Seattle SMP is the only clinic in the state of Washingtonsolely focused on SMP. We don’t offer any other services and we don’t plant to in the future. Minela Mujdza, an owner and lead technician is a well know figure in the SMP industry and has performed thousands of sessions. You are guaranteed to walk out of our clinic 100% happy!
No more hair products, no more surgeries, and no more hassle. Scalp micropigmentation (SMP) is a lasting hair loss solution with immediate results. You’ll see a dramatic difference in your appearance after your very first session.